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  Franchisee : Mini Shoppie Structure 

 INVESTMENT : 3 Lacs Minimum

Name of Franchisee : Mini DZshoppie

Criteria of Minimum Requirements :-

• First Consumer Activated of Self CAF ID to APPLY for Franchisee Criteria.

 Min. 300 - 500 Activated Members CAF ID's Required [in which Dipols & Tripols are count as Single Member ID]

• 250-350 Sq. Ft. for Minimum Area Requirements

• Mini Shoppie Security Money : INR 50 000 with Dreamz Ultimate International Pvt. Ltd. Legal Bond Agreements

• Computer  +  Printer  +  Billing Software  +  Branding  +  Company Color Code  +  Office Furniture = INR 1 Lac

• IBO's Business Joining Kits for Money = INR 10,000 only

• Herbal Single Products, Personal Care & Juices for Money = INR 15,000 only

• Herbal Kits of all Diseases Packs for Money = INR 25,000 only

• All multiple products for Money = INR 1 Lac

• Franchisee Opening TIME : 45 - 60 Days after Payments deposit & Agreement Sign-up.

• If Area Franchisee Owner order Materials with in Target Slabs, then Delivery Courier Cost paid by Company.

• First time Stock delivered by Company Expenses, after that if order under Target then Courier Charges paid by Owner.

• Material order delivery time is 3 - 5 Days after clearing order & Payments [excluding Holidays].

• In any Rural Area or interior Part of city Franchise opened, it takes delivery time approx. 7 days [excluding Holidays].

• All term & Conditions are Applicable as mention on Dreamz Ultimate Policies are written on Agreements.

Franchise Owner Benefits :-

• Bank Interest Rates on Security Deposit [interest cheque/NEFT/ECS delivered on every quarterly payments]

• 10% Extra Marginal Benefits on HERBAL Joining Kits.

• 7% Extra Marginal Benefits on All Multiple Joining Kits. 

 10% Marginal Benefits on HERBAL Products Repurchase. 

 15% Margin Benefits on HERBAL Bulk Purchase, if order of 50,000 on Single Bill or Monthly order of 1 Lac or above.

 2% - 12% Marginal Benefits on all Multiple Products Repurchase, defined below as per SLABS :-

   [Slab AA= 2 to 4%, Slab A= 10 to 15%, Slab B= 8 to 10%, Slab C= 5 to 10%, Slab D= 5 to 8%]

• 2% Extra Benefits if you order materials of 3 Lac in a Single Billing Order.

• 2% Extra Benefits on Target Basis Slabs, as mentioned details below  

   [Slab starts from min. 5 Lac Monthly; All orders of Repurchase materials ],like as...
          below 5 Lac    =  NO extra Benefits apart from given above Panels
          5 lac - 15 Lac  =  0.5% extra Targeted Benefits [on Monthly repurchase of products]
          15 lac - 30 Lac = 1% extra Targeted Benefits [on Monthly repurchase of products]
          30 lac - 50 Lac = 1.5% extra Targeted Benefits [on Monthly repurchase of products]
          50 lac - above  = 2% extra Targeted Benefits [on Monthly repurchase of products]

• Special TOURS of Franchisee Owners on Target Achievements [ like Domestic or International ]

   [Tours Targets are mailed to Franchisee owners on every quarter for qualifying, also published on website]

Franchise Surrender :-

• When Franchisee owner surrender the system of franchise model, first inform to their area Sponsor or Leader or costumer-care Helpline.

• Then inform to company via E-mail with Reasons and also CALL REGISTER to SURRENDER of FRANCHISE in office.

• After Cancellation Letter of Franchisee Agreement with NOC letter, Company Refund your Security Money.

• Your Security MONEY will be refund within 30 Days after Cancellation of Agreements date.

Franchise Up-gradations :-

• Mini DZshoppie to CnF Agents, if you wanna upgrade to any higher model, company will be first given priority to that person , who running company franchisee at present properly.

• If he will be not capable to handle higher input of materials to consumers and the up-gradation amounts are not possible to deposited within max 90 days after declaration of Up-gradation, than the upper model is directly distributed to another interested person.

Terms n Conditions :-

• Company have NO any hidden Clause, that consumer will be not Aware for them. All thing is Directly mentioned on Legal Agreement will be applicable for Company as well as to Franchisee Owner.

• But in that case your present franchisee is work as it is , with all features n  benefits.

• Some rules, which mention on websites as well as in CAF Form also, must read it..
     visit here    http://www.dreamzultimate.in/terms-of-conditions.php

• Some Terms n Condition with all policies, which mention on websites here, must read it..
    visit here    http://www.dreamzultimate.in/policies.php

• For any other further query, Call to Dreamz Help-line [ 0120- 276 9999 ]
   or Marketing Manager to Mr. RAHUL [ 0 9891 223 992 ]

• MUST read all points carefully, or call to company for understood that points.

Note : 

Call your Sponsor or Leader or in Office for more details and e-mails of Franchise Structure, if any changes are made by company in Franchise Models they are only Applicable from new Franchise Structures, initial opened Franchise are not take any effects on them. While if their owner are insists to claim benefits of further new models, then there Franchisee Structure will be renewed or Upgraded with present Running Models.

Present Mini DZshoppie in INDIA :  

DZshoppie Mini

A-7, First Floor, GDA Commercial Market

Govindpuram, Ghaziabad

Uttar Pradesh - 201013

E-mail : support@dzshoppie.com

Contact : +91 - 9891 223 992 / 120 - 276 9999

Upcoming Mini DZshoppie in INDIA :  

  • Karim Nagar [Telangana]
  • Bengalore [Karnataka]
  • Chandigarh [Punjab]
  • Gurgaon [Haryana]
[When Mini DZshoppie open, all detailed address of Mini DZshoppie Owner is mentioned here for your reference and knowledge]


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