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Compensation Plan : Ultimate 13 Types of INCOME 

Dreamz Ultimate Fulfill your all dreams with working in structural model of Company Compensation Plan developed by special cells of marketing experts & CEO sir himself. Here we have included both compensation plans which has great features of suitable growth of your TEAM with Stability as well as generating handsome Bonuses with Royalty incomes. According to the market research & present scenario of indian Network Marketing, Direct Sales & MLM industry, everyone needs a better system support, concepts with useful products. But, in this very fastest growing industry goes somewhere in very downwards situations due to lack of knowledge in network marketing concepts. As we know the growth rate of you & company always depends only 3 CORE Steps, which you follow always :-

  • Marketing Plan or Business Plan or Compensation Plan
  • Desired Sales of users needful Products
  • Company Designed System, Service & Support
In the above three core steps delivered the value of entire system. If any one of them is not properly works, company structure & growth will goes always downwards. Due to these core steps, our special team designed a compensation plan for your life and future according to market requirements and needs of every peoples.

Here we are working on Dual mode plan [Binary & Generation] System, where Binary Plan gives you fast growth in system & Generation Plan gives you Stability with your TEAM in Company to generate greater revenue from company & achieved their GOALS.

In our Compensation Plan, Company designed a system as a very strong concept, where you Achieved More, Earn More, Not any frustrating push to high monthly sales of products and also Achieving a level of growth in only one time, means No any demotions and No any Pass-ups. Here our Company have some great beneficial to all Feature; must read below :-


  1. No Registration & Joining Fees
  2. No any Demotions
  3. No any Bypass
  4. No any yearly Renewals
  5. Not Bounded Push to High Sales
  6. Multiple Types of Incomes, Bonuses & Funds
  7. Also Start as a Part time Opportunity
  8. Herbal products have 30 Day Money back Guarantee*
  9. 30 Day free Registration to Start your Business
  10. 365 Days Locking your Position Time
  11. After Activation, Lifetime working procedure
  12. Fully Support to all Networkers, Leaders, Trainers & Motivators
  13. Huge Multiple Products Categories
  14. All are Regular use Products
  15. All products included with Warranty
  16. No need to Monthly Heavy Purchase to maintain your Business
  17. No Need to Maintain business after your Level Achievements
  18. All Herbal Products are very low prices according to indian market
  19. All herbal Products are well world class Certifications & Quality
  20. Every Herbal Products have Dedicated Result Oriented
  21. Every Level has huge & dedicated incomes
  22. Dual type of Business Model [Binary & Generation]
  23. You Start both models incomes with only Single CAF ID
  24. You Also Start your own Franchise Model
  25. Company starts their Retail E-Commerce portal also to interact with Retail Consumers too... our Online Portal is :  [ DZshoppie ]

Company Business Plans works on two phases, where you generate your potential income in company. 
  1. Sponsor Income on Products Kit [ 10% from 6 Types of Activation Kits ]
  2. Matching Points Binary Income [ 1UP pair = INR 200 ]
  3. Achiever Rewards [ Combination with Lifetime Festival Bonanza ]
  1. Retail Income [5-20%]
  2. Repurchase Income [upto 20%]
  3. Monthly Development Funds [upto 3%]
  4. Company Share Bonus [5%]
  5. International Vacation Tour [5%]
  6. Car Funds [5%]
  7. House Funds [5%]
  8. Leadership Bonus [upto 20%]
  9. Royalty Club Achiever [upto 5%]
  10. Dreamz Club Achiever [1%]
  • Special Bonanza Rewards  
  1. Festival Bonanza Rewards [ in Binary Models ]
  2. Testimony Contest Rewards [ in Generation Models ]


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Always read and visit first Company Compensation Plan, if you really need Help & Support to understood in better way...

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