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 Structure of Business Plan : Generation Model

 Here we are working on Dual mode plan [Binary & Generation] system, where Binary Model gives you growth in system & Generation Model gives you Stability in Company to generate great revenue from company & achieved there GOALS.

Company Business Plans works on two phases, where you generate your potential income in company. First Ever Start your Business with Binary Model, After that your Generation Model earnings will be starts with given Discounts provided by company to every distributors for Retailing of products to new consumers. When your Repurchase of products will be starts, then your Company incomes, Discount slabs & All multiple 10 types of income generated with following structures are given below :-
  • Generation Model
  1. Retail Income [RI]  [~20%]
  2. Repurchase Bonus [RB]   [~20%]
  3. Leadership Bonus [LB]   [~20%]
  4. Monthly Development Funds [MDF]   [~3%]
  5. Foreign Tours [FT]   [~3%]
  6. Car Funds [CF]   [~5%]
  7. House Funds [HF]   [~5%]
  8. Company Share Bonus [CSB]   [~5%]
  9. Royalty Club Achiever [RCA]   [~5%]
  10. Dreamz Ultimate Achievers Club [DUAC]   [~1%]
Dreamz Ultimate Business Model have Some important Points to be Remembered :
  • UP = Ultimate Point [for binary income calculation]
  • UV = Ultimate Volume [for generation income calculation]
  • PUV = Personal Ultimate Volume
  • GUV = Group Ultimate Volume
  • DUV = Dreamz Ultimate Volume
  • 1 UP = 1 Distributor [calculated as per starter pack]
  • 1 UV = 10 INR approx.
  • 1 DUV = 100,000 UV
  • INR = Indian Rupees

Retail Income :  

Normal Purchase :- When you becomes  "INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER [IBO]" means Consumer of Dreamz Ultimate, then Company gives you 20% Retail Discounts maximum & 5% Retail Discounts is minimum on every products that describes in SLABS [mention on Repurchase Table] , those you purchase from Dreamz Ultimate Retail Outlet, Office Product Center, Depot, Shoppie or Online Portal. 


Repurchase Bonus :  

When you Purchase Products from Dreamz Ultimate International, you Achieve here Different Levels by Completing your Targets and also achieved many other Slabs of Discounts in Every Categories. Dreamz Ultimate provide you here Extra max. 20% of Repurchase Bonus on Products given as 5 Slabs. Here when you achieved the "Founder" Level company gives you Fully max. 20% Repurchase Bonus on all Slabs in all Categories of Products including your Personal up-to 20% of Retail Discounts, that means your full Personal Discounts on products are 5% - 40% provided by the company on every Distributor on all products with there Fully max. 20% Repurchase Bonuses plus  20% of Retail Discounts when a IBO will be reached at FOUNDER position Levels.

Leadership Bonus :  

When you become a Distributor in Dreamz Ultimate company gives you benefits and opportunity to share your business to others to build a powerful network of great Distributors. When a you and your TEAM will work together and build a business in month of PUV & GUV with regular monthly UP, then company Recognized with you a certain qualified Achieved Level with Batch Pin, Ribbon & Certificate on Stage by Founder/Director Hands.

On achieving to any level company counts your GUV in Consecutive 3 months [continuous a quarter UV business] business of your Direct TEAM with every month your PUV. All Levels, Bonuses, Domestic & Foreign Tours, Car Funds, House Funds, Achievements are depends on your monthly, quarterly & yearly Group Ultimate Volume [GUV] Sales generation. Here given below the Leadership Bonus [LB] Qualification chart for initial Five Levels, and once you Achieved the Founder Level in Dreamz Ultimate company open all path of Level Achievements & Bonuses for you including Royalty Club of Income.


If you are Eligible to Achieve any Level, what are the basic requirements and Flexibility for a Recognized Levels just read here in Level Recognition.

Monthly Development Funds :  

When you Achieved the Level of Promoter and in any month you achieved your Sales Target, then you are eligible to received MDF for certain months for your qualifications and company gives you MDF income for their best working. Here below company given a chart for your MDF income's :-

Foreign Tours :  

When any Distributor Achieved Recognized Founder Level in Dreamz Ultimate and after that Qualify for Foreign Tours, then Company gives you Foreign Trips of Couple in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok, Hawaii etc which is fully paid by company including your trips, stay & fooding with FREE Training's or Seminar Achievements. 

Car Funds :  

Dreamz Ultimate provide you here car funds to purchase your dream car. Company gives you car funds in two categories :-

  • Dreamz Car Fund
  • Dreamz Ultimate Car Fund
Dreamz Car Fund : 
In this category when a Distributor Achieved min. Founder Level and Complete 5 DUV of Sales in any 3 Consecutive months closing, then company gives you Car Fund of 10 000 INR up-to 24 months without any Compulsions

Dreamz Ultimate Car Fund : 
In this category when a Distributor Achieved min. Founder Level and Complete 15 DUV of Sales in any 3 Consecutive months closing, then company gives you Car Fund of 20 000 INR up-to 36 months without any Compulsions

House Funds :  

In this category when a Distributor Achieved min. Founder Level and Complete 60 DUV of Sales in any 4 Consecutive months closing, then company gives you House Fund of 50 000 INR up-to 60 months without any Compulsions

Company Share Bonus :  

In this category Dreamz Ultimate Distribute a profit part of company share to all Distributors who Achieved the minimum criteria of CSB Qualification in a full calendar year [Jan. - Dec.]. Top Business Achievers who are qualified for CSB income in year end, company distribute 5% of share to all qualifiers. Minimum 10 months personal business maintaining Distributors are Eligible for CSB incomes with yearly Qualification of 20 DUV Group Business.

To CSB Achievement Criteria Qualification months are Oct. - Dec. of every year & Scheme will be Announced on September month on each year. 

Royalty Club Achievers :  

When a Distributor Achieved to Recognized Silver Founder Level, he/she will be eligible for Royalty up-to 5 Level Depth. Every Silver Founder is eligible for Royalty up-to 5 Level depth with their Founder's NON-Founder Legs. Given below chart is the description of 5 Level Depth in their TEAM & have if 5 Founder's or more then how he/she will be earned Royalty, according to given chart :-

Dreamz Ultimate Achievers Club :  

When a Distributor Reached to Recognized Diamond Level he/she will be eligible for Dreamz Ultimate Achievers Club with income share 1% of GUV

Dreamz Ultimate Club Achievers COMING SOON.

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