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Agriculture Products : Ultimate AGRO - 80 Plus 

In INDIA there will be a very big Market n Area covered under Agriculture, but due to the Lack of proper knowledge & Best Pesticides Products, many Farmers of india regular leave their profession of Agriculture. First time in india Dreamz Ultimate International decided to grow their crops with the help of proper & best nutritions of crops and help to protect crops from dangerous pesticides. Thus, Dreamz Ultimate introduces "ULTIMATE AGRO-80 PLUS" Associated with Kai Natural Care in technical collaboration with Hawaiian Herbals, Hawaii, USA which is a highly concentrated all-purpose non-ionic spray adjuvant when mixed with pesticide & foliar fertilizer improves their effectiveness leading to increased crop yield for the indian farmers. 

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Ultimate AGRO - 80 Plus

Product Code : DU-HRA01

Product Volume : 134.91 UV

Bottle Contains : 1000 ml Concentrated

Bottle SRP : 1499 INR   

Bottle DCP / DDP : 1199.20 INR   

Descriptions :  

Dreamz Ultimate introduces "ULTIMATE AGRO-80 PLUS" Associated with Kai Natural Care in technical collaboration with Hawaiian Herbals, Hawaii, USA which is a highly concentrated all-purpose non-ionic spray adjuvant when mixed with pesticide & foliar fertilizer improves their effectiveness leading to increased crop yield for the farmer. 

As an Activator-Wetter-Spreader, it activates the spray fluid to moisten the plant surface & allows uniform spreading of spray deposit. It facilities uniform mixing of powders, pesticides & most liquid fertilizers. It is non-corrosive to spray equipment and prevents clogged nozzles. Ultimate Agro 80 Plus is non-phytotoxic & is biodegradable. 

How Ultimate Agro 80 Plus improves performance of pesticides ?

Ultimate Agro 80 Plus is not a pesticide. But it does help make other pesticides highly effective. For a pesticide to be effective, a spray droplet must be able to wet the foliage and spread out uniformly over a leaf so that maximum area of the leaf is covered, enabling the pesticide to reach its target. 

However, this does not always happen as spray droplets tend to bead up on leaf surfaces, particularly on waxy and hairy leaves. This problem occurs due to the surface tension between spray droplets and the leaf surface. Mixing Ultimate Agro 80 Plus with the pesticide solution reduces the surface tension and prevents beading of droplets, thus enabling uniform coverage of the pesticide and ultimately, resulting in a better crop yield. 

How Ultimate Agro 80 Plus helps the farmers ?

Ultimate Agro 80 Plus helps the farmers to achieve a better and healthier crop yield through efficient use of pesticides thereby saving time and money. Although it is primarily an agricultural product, it can be used wherever pesticides, fertilizers, defoliators, plant nutrients are being utilized. This includes golf courses, household plants, nurseries kitchen gardens etc. 

Research & Development of Kai Natural Care produces the product AGRO-80 Plus has been developed after intensive research. Strict quality checks were carried out at every stage of the development of the product - right from quality checks were carried out at every stage of the development of the product - right from procurement of raw materials to the finished product. Kai Natural Care "Agro 80 Plus" has been tested on various crops and vegetation by reputed agricultural universities before being made available commercially. 

Usage: 1 

With insecticide, fungicides, foliar fertilizers and defoliators: Prepare a solution with any of the above and water. Follow, the mixing instructions recommended by the pesticide/ defoliators and insecticides. fertilizer/ foliar fertilizer manufacturer. 

Direction for use : Mix 5 ml of product (1¼ capful) per 15 liters of pesticide or foliage fertilizer solution. Spray normally on the crop. 2. With Post Emergent Herbicides: Make a solution of post - emergent herbicide to be used with water in the spray tank. Follow the mixing instruction recommended by the herbicide manufacturer. Mix 20 ml. product 

(1 capful ) per 15 liters of post emergent herbicide solution. Spray normally on the crop. 

Suggested Beneficial Uses :

  • CONCENTRATED - 80% Active Ingredients
  • SPREADER - Provides more uniform spray deposit on plants, Improves coverage of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, defoliators and foliar fertilizer sprays.
  • ACTIVATOR - Helps to improve performance of post-emergent herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, foliar fertilizers and defoliators.

Disclaimer & Caution : 

  • Avoid Contact with Eyes.
  • Wear Goggles or Face Mask when Handling.
  • Avoid Breathing Vapours.
  • Avoid Prolonged contact with skin, used with rubber gloves.
  • Combustion Liquid, Do NOT expose to HEAT, Sparks and Open FLAMES.
  • Used only in Ventilated area.
  • Keep Container closed when not in use.

Applicable Precautions :

In Case of eye contact, flush eyes thoroughly with flowing water for 15 mins. and get prompt urgent medical attention. If skin contact occurs, wash thoroughly with soap [preferred herbal] and water. Remove and wash clothing before re-use. If swallowed, give water to drink and consult a doctor quickly.

NOTE : All Products or kits will be delivered after confirmation of payments received by bank deposits or online transfers etc. Every product kits have specific courier charges which will be always paid by Consumers / IBO. For bulk purchase of product kits in a single address, there will have different courier charges, which will be asked to costumer care help-line before deposit money according to your total order weight. Up To or under 5 kits there will be always paid basic courier charges according to basic kit rates.

  • Ultimate Agro-80 Product [upto 5 kits]                   :  Rs.75 per piece
  • Ultimate Agro-80 Product [upto 6-15 kits]               :  Rs.60 per piece
  • Ultimate Agro-80 Product [upto 16-25 kits]             :  Rs.50 per piece
  • Ultimate Agro-80 Product [from 30 to above]          :  Rs.40 per piece

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