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Dreamz Ultimate International, a multinational venture by Mr. S.K.Singh & Mrs. Seema Singh, Originally from Bulandsahar [U.P.] , Residing in Ghaziabad since 1999. In their personal profile he is a Great Market Experience in Retail industries from last 25 plus years, with a positive attitude Great Networker n Motivator since 1994 with technical minded engineer from 1997. 

An Engineer, Entrepreneur, Visionary & Networker to achieve the target set for himself . He is Set Target & Vision of Company to Achieved Higher Growth in Network as well in Retail Industry with Power of Products likewise Category of Fashion, Consumer Electronics, IT- Mobile, Crockery, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Home- Furnishing, Herbal & Healths. Dreamz Ultimate Line-up products which are regular used items in every Consumer of their Needs. In Dreamz Ultimate you can Achieved everything like Health, Wealth & Income to Fulfill your Desired Dreams.

I wants to reach out to each and every one by providing your Regular needs and also giving you a source of income through business option by opening Online & Offline Stores under the banner of Dreamz Ultimate. So come and be a part of the family, grow with us and enter a whole new world of fun filled earning with Dreamz Ultimate International.

FRANCHISE Opportunity also available for investors. In step in you will always win. While you shopping you are making money.

Dreamz Ultimate DZ ShoppeFMCG Marts Concepts also Starts from Nov. 2015.

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-: Founder's Message to All :-

Always performing TEAM to work together make VISION & DREAMS possible. We are growing together with power of NETWORK of PEOPLES through which all fulfill their Dreams, Achieved to Goals with Clear Visions. The Power of Peoples are most important and the role of publicity of "Dreamz Ultimate" Structure with everyone makes perfect bonding with each-other. We also have a system that works Ultimate, but how well do we know it? Your confidence level will depend on that. All you have to do is to learn it, master it, find out everything that makes it work and just like that pilot you will land many of fellow passengers on the runway of always and Lifetime to Success. 

Wishing you everything you are prepared to work for with confidence. Very Heartful & Thankful to all of you for choosing business with "Dreamz Ultimate" and become a part of our Family.

"Every Networker is a Good Leader & a Leader is a Powerful Motivator BUT first Motivate Himself"

-  S. K. Singh [CEO]

We invite you to join our family of "Dreamz Ultimate" a powerful Online - Offline Retail Store with power of Networking Concept. 

In INDIA Retailing is on Spectacular Growth in Power of E-Commerce & Networking.

Our Family of "Dreamz Ultimate" is so strong, work closely together and exchange brainstorm idea's to support each other to perform a marvelous quality of work to complete their visions.

Wishing you everything you are prepared to work for with confidence. 

Very Thankful to all for choosing business with "Dreamz Ultimate". 

-: Director's Visionary Thoughts to All :- 

According to my Experience & Thinking, a Network Company Always Run Smoothly and Long-life with 3 Powerful Resources, those are -

  • Timely Received Service & Support,
  • Timely Received your Products, &
  • Timely Received your Income.
If we Fulfill all these Requirements to our members, then no one can stop to become our company HUGE.

"No-One to STOP our Company "Dreamz Ultimate" to Rise and become a  Huge n Powerful in world-wide. So, Peoples don't panic we are achieving our goals easily because we follow these rules always"

S. K. Singh [CEO]

 Why Retail with Dreamz Ultimate ?

At Dreamz Ultimate we want became a biggest retailer with biggest & authentic registered consumer base for consumer durable products as well as consumer durable services i.e. One Stop Shop for good morning to good night's requirements of our all type of customers.

On the other hand all retail marketing companies are struggling to maintain margins and some are also losing their market to high volume retailers. As the Retails industry still needs channels to market for their refined products there is a need to manage the business more effectively and deliver positive returns. When looking at what delivers retail excellence, it is very much imperative to track business and technology trends, and adopt future proof architecture.

The Products/Inventory management is very critical in retailing as it has direct impact on brand and profitability. A dry out can create negative brand perception while on the other extreme, a truck waiting to fill retail stops can result in demurral charge and poor truck utilization rate.

How Dreamz Ultimate Helps us !

Distributors/Consumers/Franchisee/Networkers/Retailers to improve margin, service delivery, and market share and also helps transform the business to first quartile performance. Here are few of the service offerings from Dreamz Ultimate.

 What is Products / Inventory Management.. ?

Dreamz Ultimate has worked on vendor management inventory ennoblement projects and has also achieved 99.9 % reliability in product replenishment for a global major from 90% reliability. Dreamz Ultimate  can implement customize Retail system for efficient stock replenishment by redefining and streamlining the process. Retail Marketing Analytic in the current retail marketing scenario, retail marketing enterprises that relate on transcriptional sales applications will begin to lose their competitive advantage unless they extend their analytic capabilities into optimization and predictive modeling. Dreamz Ultimate has enabled firms in effective decision making through analytic solutions for :-

  • Marketing mix modeling
  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Plano gram
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Customized KPI for product retailing
  • Registered customer base that is sales agent also

Goals, Dreams & Vision :  

India's First Online-Offline Retail Stores with Power of E-Commerce & Networking Business. Going Global in Online Retail Stores Chains in INDIA & Whole World with Power of Networking Business & E-Commerce.

To Achieve a Milestone in Retail & Network industry with all our Dreamz Ultimate Members in whole world Live Happily with there visionary Health, Wealth & Residual Income for Lifetime.

In Future Dreamz Ultimate Plans to Open Charitable Schools, Hospital, Houses for Poor & Required Peoples for their Bright Future, and also company gives Opportunity to increase there Wealth to become a part of Dreamz Ultimate Family.

Seema Singh [Director] 

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